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Terms of Subscription/Use


Please read the terms and conditions of use before using this directory, or to enter a site.

Foreign sites will be included in the "World" category, in specific subcategories.

To register a site in this directory, the site must meet the following conditions:

  • the email account must match with the proposed site (ex: office@your-domain.com);
  • do not violate international law or Romanian, or copyright of a third party;
  • do not contain invalid, empty, or under construction pages;
  • not be libelous content, which affect human dignity, or incite to racial hatred;
  • not have vulgar content;
  • not have pornographic or adult content;
  • not contain no dating, sex paid videochat or erotic massage;
  • not contain information about banned drugs or consumption/production/distribution of drugs or other substances equivalent;
  • not contain viruses or other destructive nature;
  • not contain papers, bachelor's degrees or to provide help for their writing;
  • site title and description must be meaningful, written with diacritical and appropriate punctuation marks;
  • avoid using excessive caps (CAPS) in the title and site description;
  • avoid using in the title and description formulas like "best site", "best page" etc.

In this directory are not accepted sites that are specifically designed for advertising, have a high content of advertisements or the sites which obliges users to vote before accessing the content.

Also are not allowed the sites which are created in web subdomains (eg: www.site.subdomeniu.ro, www.site.ro / subdomain), unless they are quality and can bring  value to the web.

Are not allowed any sites that are redirecting to another domain or subdomain web.

Are not tolerated sites that are spam, fake traffic, or urging users to click on certain advertisements, or that contain information about hacking or warez.


SEOPromotion.ro services are free, being created especially for quality development of Romanian web sites and also for foreign web sites.

SEOPromotion.ro provide users tools and information for SEO optimization, mentioned that by displaying of  such instruments as "SEO Statistics" or "Page Rank" is not aimed to disadvantages a particular site, these information's are public and available to each user. We also mentioned that these informations are automatically updated and may have some margin of error.

Users can create reviews/comments for each site, which are checked by an administrator before being published.

Any other use of SEOPromotion.ro except information and promotion is prohibited and allows administrators to prohibit the access of those users to the portal services through specific means.


Because SEOPromotion.ro wants to be a web directory of quality, we reserve the right to prohibit the registration and listing of any site that does not consider relevant, even when the conditions for entry registration have been fulfilled.

SEOPromotion.ro team is not responsible for any damages arising from use of this directory under conditions other than those intended, taking into account that we make considerable efforts to keep this directory to professional standards.

Any user who no longer wants the site listing in this directory should send an e-mail to directory administrators, using the provided contact form with the request that the e-mail address is the same with the e-mail address from registration.

These conditions of entry will be changed / updated regularly without notice to users, who are obliged to check this page frequently.

SEOPromotion.ro team reserves the right to accept only quality sites and remove sites that do not meet the standard of this directory.

All the sites listed in the SEOPromotion.roWEB Directory are manually reviewed before listing.

By continuing to use of SEOPromotion.ro directory represent that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use above, noting that these terms will be permanently change without notice to users.

You are not authorized to use  in any way SEO Promotion.ro WEB Directory services if you disagree with any of registration conditions.


Thank you,

SEOPromotion.ro Team


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We offer free advertising for quality websites grouped in over 1900 categories and SEO information. Enrollment in this web directory is free for all websites - without requiring mutual URL.

What we do

We offer free advertising for quality websites grouped in over 1900 categories and SEO information. Enrollment in this web directory is free for all websites - without requiring mutual URL.

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We are a team of passionate volunteers SEO considers that promoting a website is extremely important. For this reason SEOPromotion.ro project was born.

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